Can you only plant strawberries in a strawberry pot?


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a strawberry pot

Q: I have been gifted an empty strawberry pot. Are there other kinds of plants that could be planted in it instead of strawberries? And do you recommend using different potting mix depending on plant selection?

A: Aside from their namesake, strawberry pots are in fact useful for growing other plant types. They are particularly suited to plants with a compact or sprawling habit such as succulents, herbs and leafy greens, or groundcovers. The beauty of this style of pot is every square centimetre of space is utilised and they look fabulous.

Potting mix should be premium standard (look for the red ticks) and suited to the type of plants growing, such as succulents or natives. Productive plants can be grown in general purpose mix, which needs replacing each season. They also require the regular addition of organic liquid fertilisers such as Charlie Carp, Seasol and homemade compost and worm teas.

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