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Steve Hogg: world class bike fitter

It’s not unusual to be surprised at the accomplishments of some of our region’s high-achieving citizens.

From globally acclaimed musicians to Olympic athletes, there are many local residents kicking goals in all walks of life.

This extends through to the niche world of bike fitting, a field in which Jerrabomberra resident Steve Hogg is one of the most sought after worldwide.

Having worked with bikes for many decades, Hogg developed his own system for bike fitting based on his own extensive research of human anatomy and physiology.

“Your nervous system’s blind compensatory response is to tighten muscles around a given area to self-protect, and it’s those muscle tightening that are often causing the problem,” he tells Canberra Weekly.

“I’ve worked out ways to restore communication, which means there’s no need to compensate – muscles relax, muscles loosen, and muscles that have switched off switch back on.”

Working out of Pushys Plus in Fyshwick on an appointments only basis, Hogg looks after everyone from elite athletes through to weekend warriors.

He takes great pride in fitting his clients regardless of their cycling pedigree, and says he’s able to fix most of his client’s problems before they even get on their bike.

“The basic problem we all have is bikes are symmetrical and humans aren’t, and that’s the source of the problem.

“When you put an asymmetric human on a symmetric apparatus and ask them to exert force for often varying lengths of time, you’re always going to run into a problem at some stage.

“The more functionally symmetrical a human can be, the fewer problems they’re going to have on the bike.”

Having relocated from Sydney in early 2017, Hogg says Canberra is a cyclist’s dream, and loves the lifestyle here compared to the hustle and bustle of the big smoke.

“I love it down here because it’s pleasant, the cold caught me by surprise,” he smiles.

“There’s less traffic here, and the traffic seems to be conditioned to bike riders, and they don’t get distressed as often as they do in Sydney.”

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