In her new book ‘Single Pringle’, Stacey June helps readers identify what they truly want in order to flourish alone. Photo supplied.

Dedicated to the curious girls who want to wipe their slates clean, Stacey June’s new book Single Pringle is a one-stop-shop for learning to love yourself.

Known for her successful brand The Thinkergirls, the podcast network founder, TV presenter and self-care coach has released her very first book, diving into the principals of being alone, living independently and not being afraid to want more.

Using her own experiences, June tackles being an independent woman, letting go of past relationships and embracing your true self.

June said it took her five years to write Single Pringle, drawing from the notes she would write about men she was dating.

“I started writing notes around guys I was dating, and I would give them nicknames,” she said.

“Later on, if I would feel disheartened, I would go back and write the lessons I learnt from them… I felt it was all leading me somewhere and that all the experiences I was having meant something.”

“Those meaningful perspective and lessons became bigger articles and blog posts; before I knew it I started figuring out the structure of the book from there.”

The book follows her own journey to self-love during her single pringle life, touching on topics such as the impact of baggage and trauma, embracing the duality of masculinity and femininity and self-pleasure.

June said she wanted to include these personal topics because they were key moments in her journey and the “most considered part” of her book was choosing to share the story of her sexual assault.

“I didn’t set out to share my sexual assault because I was looking to share that for the sake of it,” she said.

“I started writing about the story of investigating my lack of pleasure when it came to my sex life and it was a very important piece of the puzzle in the story because it was a big factor.”

“I could only share my experience and what I felt.”

Looking back as a now married mother of one, June said that the fundamentals of the book remain helpful, as the tools equip women for the challenges the world has to offer.

“You don’t just watch Sex and the City when you’re single,” she said with a laugh. 

“The lesson and all the tools still worked for me in my new place in my life…I was finding such relief and such gratitude when I was editing the book.”  

Along with Single Pringle, her latest project, the Self Care Club, is dedicated to helping others access their intuition and feel good about their true, honest selves.

June said she is passionate about helping others and telling the stories of women because there are still “particular stories that aren’t being told”.

“I’ve always been interested in stories that aren’t commercial or commonly told. The best way for me to express that is through my own experience which is finding myself in the media landscape as a woman,” she said.

“While the stories of women are being shared more and more, there are many stories that still need attention.”

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