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Spring into spring carnival

With the arrival of spring comes spring racing carnival, so let’s get you ready and springing into that beautiful dress and heels.

Don’t panic, I have a great workout that you can smash out and make your legs feel fabulous for race day. The great thing about your legs is that you have to use your legs pretty much every day in some way. So, we can get the legs toned up and looking sharp for your day at the races.

One reality is that you cannot “spot reduce”; this means that you have to work the whole leg so your legs get toned all over.

I have put together a great fast and fun leg workout for you to achieve the best results. Note:

  • Only have 5-10 seconds rest in between exercises
  • Maintain movement during your exercises (this means don’t stop moving)
  • Stay hydrated (during your workout and at the races)

Spring carnival workout

This workout has a focus on your thighs and calves, making a strong butt and good posture – and I’ve sneaked in two exercises for your arms.

  • Walking on the spot (high knee lifts) 1 minute
  • Squats (feet shoulder-width apart and lead back with your hips, like you’re sitting onto a chair) X 30
  • Starts (in the start position as if you were starting a race and alternate legs back and forward) X 1 minute
  • Hopping on each leg for 30 seconds
  • Step-ups (10 with each leg) X 2
  • Wall squats (back on a wall and legs at 90 degrees, hold) X 100 count
  • Heel kicks to your bum (kick your heel to your bottom) X 50
  • Star jumps X 30
  • Alternate leg jumps (stand as if you have taken a step, then jump and alternate your feet forward and back) X 1 minute
  • Skipping X 100 skips
  • Toe tap left leg X 20
  • Toe tap right leg X 20
  • Lunge walk 20m up and back
  • Skipping X 100 skips
  • Plank hold for 100 count
  • Push-ups (on your knees to keep good form) X 30
  • Seated dips (sitting up straight on bench placing your hands by your side/over grasp grip on the bench, lower down until your arms are at 90 degrees and then push back up) X 30
  • Seated punches overhead X 50 each hand

Keep your workout under 20 minutes. Enjoy this spring workout and your legs will love you.

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