Spring clean


If you’re after a natural alternative for your spring cleaning this year, CW has got you covered!

Orange all-round kitchen spray

This is an extract from The Art of Natural Cleaning by Rebecca Sullivan, published by Hachette Australia, RRP $19.99.

This will clean and sterilise all surfaces – kitchen and bathroom – and leave everything smelling delicious. Also a fab way to use up the orange peels that often get discarded and wasted.

Makes 400ml

  • Peel from 4 oranges
  • 200ml white vinegar
  • 500ml glass jar
  • Recycled spray bottle

Tightly pack the orange peel into a glass jar and cover with the white vinegar. Put the lid on, and then leave to stand for 4 weeks. Gently shake the jar occasionally during this period.

Strain the vinegar into a spray bottle and top up with an equal amount of water; shake briefly to combine. Spray directly onto surfaces and wipe with a damp cloth. This will keep indefinitely.

Spring clean-out

Don’t put off your spring clean-out! Start your spring cleaning off with the kitchen and remove all of your crockery from the cupboards, says stylist Claire Delmar on behalf of Sheridan.

“By lifting everything onto a table or bench, you can easily give the cupboard a thorough clean,” Claire says.

“As you remove the items of crockery, look through all the pieces and remove any ceramics that are chipped or broken.”

Claire suggests editing the items the way you would edit an outfit: “play with some combinations that you know work and consider those that will stand the test of time”.

“Monochromatic schemes with a touch of brass are always timeless, and colour can easily be added through napery or flowers.

“Donate any extra items you don’t think you will use.

“I strongly believe in quality over quantity, and if you haven’t used an item in five years, you won’t miss it.

“Keep pieces that have stories or memories associated with them,” she says.

Storage solutions

If you’re redecorating this spring, consider purchasing furniture with practical storage built in.

Melissa Gullifer, stylist from Focus on Furniture, says there are great quality pieces of furniture with built-in storage solutions to suit every room.

“If you are decorating a lounge room or living area, look for entertainment units with suitable storage draws. Think about what you would put in there and always check the height and width of the storage space so you can fit in all your electrical and entertainment devices in easily,” she says.

Opt for coffee tables, lamp or side tables with in-built storage drawers.

“It’s a clever way to shop because you are looking for specific pieces of furniture that are not only great quality but offer the perfect storage solutions for your home.”

Melissa also suggests using buffets in the living areas to store tableware, napery, cutlery, glassware and more. In the bedroom, opt for beds with built-in drawers and shelves.

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