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Spring and summer workouts

How good is spring and summer? Absolutely the best! The long summer days leading into great summer nights, playing in the pool and backyard cricket – it’s so Australian and we love it.

This week, let’s have a look at two workouts that will keep those arms and shoulders looking strong, that waist trim and those legs toned. It’s also important to be sun smart and stay hydrated throughout the warmer weather.

With these workouts, you can combine them to have a ‘super workout’ for a whole-body burn, or you can focus on either the upper or lower body. Either way, you’ll still be getting an awesome workout.

Workout 1: upper body

  • Warmup: 5 mins rowing
  • 15 x triceps dips on bench
  • 15 x push-ups
  • 30 secs overhead punches, standing one leg forward
  • 15 x med ball slams
  • 15 x shoulder press with small med ball
  • 15 x bicep curl with a small med ball
  • 1 min plank hold
  • 30 secs triceps hold, on bench
  • 30 secs front punches, hands at shoulder height
  • 2 mins rowing

Workout 2: lower body

  • Warmup: 5 mins jogging
  • 20 x squats
  • 2 mins skipping
  • 20 x toe taps each leg, keep your foot and heel on the top of the bench
  • 1 min walking/jogging on the spot
  • 10 x lunges
  • 30 secs star jumps  
  • 20 x up-downs  
  • 2 mins skipping
  • 20 x push-ups
  • 2 mins (or 400m) running

Combination workout

If you want to combine lower and upper body workouts and mix it up, choose every second exercise from each list and do them in that order. Alternatively, put all the exercises in a hat and draw them out like a sweepstakes – great fun!

Each of these workouts will give you a great feeling; you will feel toned and fit for the summer.

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