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SleepKeeper: take your best night’s sleep with you

Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation, long-distance travel or an overnight stay, the SleepKeeper means you can take a good night’s sleep with you wherever you go.

The SleepKeeper is the brainchild of founder Diane Tipper, and allows you to take your own pillow on holidays with you, and wake up well-rested and ready to explore.

The waterproof pillow carrier allows you to transport your favourite pillow at a third of its original size, making it the perfect travel companion on trips both long and short. It works for all standard size pillows including memory foam, latex and contour pillows.

Diane says while international travel is off the cards for now, the SleepKeeper is perfect for domestic travel. Feedback from SleepKeeper’s many happy and well-rested customers clearly shows the benefits of taking your own pillow on holidays.

Diane says the biggest thing for her customers is the comfort their pillow brings them at a new destination, as well as the convenience of being able to transport it in a neat and stylish package.

SleepKeeper on a suitcase
Whether you’re going on a vacation or a staycation, don’t leave your creature comforts at home. The SleepKeeper allows you to pack a good night’s sleep by bringing your own pillow along for the journey.

Hygiene is now also playing a big part in the wake of the pandemic, with many people loving the peace of mind having their own pillow brings them.

“I think that’s the biggest plus, especially in the unfortunate times that we’re in,” Diane says.

“There’s benefits for comfort, and having a much better sleep, and especially now with COVID-19, some people don’t want to risk sleeping on an unknown pillow … especially when you can easily take your own!”

SleepKeeper comes in six colours – so you can easily match yours to your luggage – and can be clipped onto a bag for ease of transport. The lightweight, waterproof carrier means your pillow will be clean and dry upon your arrival.

A SleepKeeper is also the perfect Christmas gift, for kids for sleepovers, camps or Scouts, or for the person who loves travelling, weekends away, camping or just has everything!

SleepKeeper pillow carriers retail for $29.95 with free delivery within Australia. Shop online via sleepkeeper.com.au

This content was created in partnership with SleepKeeper. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here.

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