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Sia to shave hair for Kulture Break

Born from a throwaway line at a Raiders season launch, star forward Sia Soliola will shave his impressive head of hair live on stage to raise funds for Canberra-based dance charity, Kulture Break, later this month.

Sia decided Kulture Break was perfectly aligned with his views around culture, community and inclusion.

“For me, it’s about trying to help the future generation in more ways than one, and that’s exactly what these guys do,” he told Canberra Weekly.

“They get kids to engage and participate in their programs, there’s a real confidence boost and they help those kids find themselves and who they are.”

Sia first became aware of Kulture Break when James, an autistic boy, danced at a Ricky Stuart Foundation golf day.

“He was really, really impressive; he came out and really stole the stage. It was moving. It had a real impact on myself and my wife,” he smiled. “I was so impressed by the energy, confidence and inclusion they displayed.”

It was after that experience that Sia then sought to get his own son enrolled in a Kulture Break program.

Kulture Break founder and CEO Francis Owusu said the head shave event’s funding target will support 50 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or with a disability to be involved with Kulture Break’s programs for a year.

“We’re all about getting to the grassroots, and running programs that engage and connect with young people to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of identity and affirmation.

“This event is going to go a long way toward achieving that for 50 young Canberrans.”

As part of the celebrations on the day of the shave, Sia will perform a Viking Clap dance, choreographed by the team at Kulture Break, with a few of his Raiders teammates.

“Dance has always been a part of our culture in Samoa; we tell stories through our dance.

“It’s also great that my teammates can be a part of it; we’re a well-connected group here at the Raiders,” Sia said.

Sia’s Shave for Change will take place on 22 November 4-7pm at Harvey Normal Commercial Showroom, Mitchell; kulturebreak.com

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