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Share the Dignity calls for 65,000 more period products

As their biannual March Dignity Drive begins to wrap up, Share the Dignity is calling for donations of 65,000 period products for women doing it tough.

The Dignity Drive aims to give dignity to those experiencing period poverty through collecting period products across the country in all Woolworths stores and several nominated businesses. Share the Dignity is currently inundated with 125,000 urgent requests for period products from charities around the country.

“We are terrified that tens of thousands of women are going to miss out on period products they desperately need. No one should have to make the choice between buying food or buying period products. We fear the sacrifices thousands of women will be forced to make if we don’t meet demand,’’ said Rochelle Courtenay, founder and managing director of Share the Dignity.

The Grattan Institute found that almost 8% of women lost their jobs at the peak of the pandemic, compared to 4% of men. JobKeeper ends this month and the fear is that more women across Australia will find it increasingly difficult to afford period products.

Share the Dignity will continue its biannual Dignity Drive until the end of March to collect and distribute much needed period products to those in need. Supporters can drop off donations at all local Woolworths stores and several nominated businesses nationwide. All approved period products are accepted, such as pads, tampons, menstrual cups, period underwear and reusable pads as well as incontinence products.

 Share the Dignity requires all period products to be in original packaging.

Alongside the biannual March Dignity Drive, Share the Dignity launched its biggest campaign to date, Period Pride, to remove the shame clouding periods, spark discussion and gain insight into the issue of period poverty. It encourages those who menstruate to complete “a bloody big survey”.

The survey’s original target was 10,000 responses. Just three days after the official launch of the campaign, the target was achieved. Due to this success, the new target is 100,000 responses and, if achieved, will make it the biggest survey on menstruation ever conducted.

The data will be used to make a real on the ground difference in ending period poverty through proving the social, personal and financial impacts of menstruation among Australians.

Visit sharethedignity.org.au to help give dignity to those experiencing period poverty.

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