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Say goodbye to stuff

An inability to say goodbye to certain things once found useful or valued is contributing to a build-up of stuff in Australian households.

According to research commissioned by MobileMuster, the majority of Australians (88.1%) feel like their old and unused things are cluttering their space but 68.3% struggle to get rid of them.

The findings show that the struggle to let go of things no longer needed is causing more than half of Australians to feel annoyed at themselves (58%), despite the vast majority of people (89.2%) admitting that they would feel happier if they could get rid of their old things.

Trash to treasure

When it comes time to say goodbye to your unwanted goods, throwing everything into landfill seems like a waste, so consider selling second-hand. After all, your trash is someone else’s treasure.

Monique Annetts, founder of AMA Event Management, shares her top five tips for selling your unwanted goods at a trash and treasure market.

1. Don’t overprice your items: It’s always tempting to overprice second-hand items, especially if they have some sentimental value. When pricing items, take into consideration the quality of the item, the brand, its age and how popular it currently is. Price lower and watch everything sell!

2. Don’t overload your stall: If your stall is stacked with stuff, shoppers will bypass you. As a general rule: display your best items upfront; have a system that makes it easy to browse; hide items not currently on display from customers so as to avoid clutter; hire a table or clothes rack if required.

3. Offer what is popular: When picking the items to display, as a general rule, toys and books are the most popular, as long as they’re in good condition. Otherwise, choose clothing that is in the current season, or the one to come.

4. Expect hagglers: Make sure to be flexible with your pricing. If the customer makes any reasonable offers, never decline. Remember, you’re there to clear your goods and a bit of cash is better than none at all.

5. Set up early and smile: There is a large community of regular market-goers. Make sure you’re there early so they can scoop up your bargains. Say hello, be engaging and stay enthusiastic throughout the day. A happy stallholder is inviting to the customer.

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