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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

RSPCA to upgrade ‘home’ with $300k funding boost

RSPCA ACT has announced their intention to finalise a business case, named Project Home, which would see the organisation redevelop and renew their shelter site in Weston. The ACT Government on Tuesday (25 June) announced the delivery of $300,000 of additional funds for the organisation, to aid in the planning for the upgraded facilities.

RSPCA ACT CEO Michelle Robertson said partnerships with government, the community and the private sector will be key to delivering new facilities in the ACT through Project Home.

“To successfully continue our mission – to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection – the current facilities must be modernised to ensure that the animals (and their humans) requiring the RSPCA ACT’s services are able to be cared for,” Ms Robertson said.

“We look forward to working in close partnership with the ACT Government, as well as the private sector and the community to make this a reality within the next five years.”

Aside from assisting with the planning for upgraded shelter facilities, the funds from the ACT Government will be used to fund new and modernised kennel facilities at RSPCA ACT and a dental X-ray machine.

The ACT Government has said part of the planning will evaluate the option to relocate the shelter to a new purpose-built facility in a new location, as an alternative to an upgrade of the current facilities, as well as looking at ways for the RSPCA to deliver services that would complement those provided by Domestic Animal Services (DAS).

City Services Minister Chris Steel said the funding from the ACT Government will also be used to explore co-location of RSPCA ACT with DAS.

“The RSPCA works collaboratively with DAS and we will explore whether co-location of both facilities will improve animal welfare and provide benefits for both organisations,” he said.

RSPCA ACT have said their operational needs for the shelter have changed, based on the volume and species of animals and the expansion in commercial services that are required to help fund their work. The Crown lease for the Weston site commenced in 1966, and RSPCA ACT say most buildings are over 45 years old.

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