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ROMS: bringing experts together for holistic healthcare

Health Plus General Practice in Casey is prioritising holistic healthcare for people living in residential aged care through their Residential Outreach Medical Service (ROMS).

Designed to bridge the gap between residential aged care and a patient’s preferred doctor, ROMS sees a team of GPs, nurses and pharmacists work with patients, their families and residence staff to deliver healthcare on site.

Pharmacist for the ROMS program, Michael Bell, says the ultimate goal is for patients to receive the best care. 

“Everybody is contributing to that,” he says.

“The aim is that everyone in the ROMS team gives people the best possible care, and sometimes that involves liaising with relatives or carers.

“I’m just pleased to be a part of it.”

Mr Bell says his main role within the program is to liaise with the ROMS team and patients to ensure any prescribed medication is necessary, clinically appropriate and follows best practice, as well as making sure patient information and tests are up to date.

“You’re constantly checking somebody’s medication to make sure it’s appropriate for then and now,” he says.

“It’s important that when old medication is discontinued and new medication is started that the carers and the patients know why that’s happened.”

The ROMS program’s success has hinged on the multidisciplinary approach from the team, which Mr Bell says is “far more effective” than working separately.

“It’s a great system,” he says.

“The patients understand a team approach is far more effective, and whether it’s the ROMS team or the patient or it’s the carers, we’re all aiming for the same thing.

“It’s a great thing for practices.”

Health Plus General Practice

68 Dalkin Crescent, Casey ACT

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