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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Road travel from ACT to SA allowed via Mildura

ACT residents are now permitted to travel to South Australia by car through regional Victoria without having to isolate, as domestic travel restrictions continue to ease.

Canberrans have been permitted to travel to SA by air since 16 September, with SA Premier Steven Marshall today announcing car travel via the border town Mildura, without stopping, was also acceptable.

“People transiting from NSW or the ACT through Mildura will be allowed to pass through Victoria,” he said. 

“Not to stop for two days and go to the local pub, but if they are bona fide travellers they will be allowed to pass through Mildura without having to start the clock ticking on two weeks’ worth of isolation.

“There will be checks on the borders to make sure they are bona fide travellers rather than Victorians or Mildura residents that want to come into South Australia.”

Previously, Canberrans would have had to drive through the NSW outback town of Broken Hill to avoid Victoria to get to SA, adding around three hours to the trip. 

The changes will come into effect from this Thursday 8 October and ACT residents will still need to complete a cross-border travel application form.

Where else can Canberrans travel?

New South Wales

Canberrans have been permitted to travel to New South Wales throughout the pandemic, although had previously been advised to reconsider unnecessary travel to COVID-affected areas. All travel restrictions within the state, including those in Lord Howe Island, have now been lifted with travel permitted everywhere for ACT residents. There are no permits required for ACT residents entering NSW.


ACT residents are currently only permitted to travel to Queensland without a quarantine period if they travel via air. From 1 October, Queensland extended its border zone with parts of northern NSW, however the rest of the state is still considered a COVID-19 hotspot. Those wishing to travel to Queensland via car will still be required to undertake a quarantine period if travelling through COVID-19 hotspots as labelled by the Queensland Government. Any ACT residents looking to travel to Queensland will be required to apply for a Queensland Border Declaration Pass.


The Tasmanian Government announced it will ease border restrictions for ACT residents to travel to the state from 26 October. Travel will only be permitted via air, for those who have been in low risk jurisdictions, including SA, WA, the NT, Queensland, the ACT and possibly NSW – depending on case numbers. Those looking to travel to the state are required to complete a G2G PASS to register their travel.

Northern Territory

The NT has its borders opened to ACT residents without a quarantine period. Like Queensland, those who have travelled through a COVID-19 hotspot identified by the NT Government will be required to complete a quarantine period at their own cost. Identified hotspots are listed online, and all travellers are required to complete a border entry form before travelling.

Western Australia

The WA border remains closed to all travellers except for exempt travellers. Those without an exemption into the state are required to quarantine for 14 days. Those looking to apply for an exemption can do so online.


Travel into Victoria is currently restricted for other Australian residents, and anyone who does travel to the state will be required to quarantine for 14 days upon their return.

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