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Road repairs make commuting safer for cyclists

Repairs to Northbourne Avenue have made commuting safer for cyclists, says Simon Farnbach.

Mr Farnbach has ridden his bike to work three times a week for five years, from his Downer home into the city.

“It’s quicker than driving or catching public transport. It’s a good way to wake up in the morning, and to destress on the way home.”

And certainly less stressful now he has fewer bumps in the road to avoid.

“Northbourne Avenue needed an upgrade; there were lots of cracks and crevasses, which can be dangerous for all road users, but especially for cyclists,” Mr Farnbach said.

The Federal and ACT Governments jointly funded $10 million rehabilitation works on Northbourne Avenue as part of the Commonwealth’s Building Our Future $110 billion investment in transport infrastructure across Australia.

Macarthur Avenue to Mouat Street were completed in October; Antill Street to Wakefield Avenue and Condamine Street to Macarthur Avenue will be finished mid-year.

“It’s definitely a much easier ride now you don’t have to weave in and out of stormwater drain covers!” Mr Farnbach said.

The road works will restore road pavements, reinstate structural integrity, and improve the visual aspect of entering the nation’s capital, a government spokesperson said. The work improves safety, skid resistance, and ride quality for all users, and reduces congestion, which means quicker travel times.

Now travelling is easier, Mr Farnbach expected more people to ride to work. Drivers along Northbourne Avenue were more courteous to, and accepting of cyclists.

“Improvements in any transport infrastructure make a big difference to people’s lives, whether it’s better pedestrian paths, bike infrastructure, and roads as well,” Mr Farnbach said.

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