Red light traffic rules in focus


ACT Policing is targeting drivers not obeying red lights at traffic intersections this month as their monthly traffic focus.

Statistics for 2019 show that police issued more than 840 infringements and warnings and 3,438 fines were issued as a result of fixed cameras at intersections detecting drivers ignoring red lights.

The intersection of Northbourne Avenue and London Circuit recorded the highest number of infringements at 1,450 with the second highest, 805, recorded at the intersection of Canberra Avenue, Captain Cook Crescent and Manuka Circle.

Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations, Detective Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman said “from a road safety perspective, it is disappointing that on average, more than 11 drivers a day last year were caught ignoring red lights”.

“Red lights are not negotiable. You must stop for every one – for your own safety and that of all other road users,” Detective Station Sergeant Boorman said.

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