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Recycling to Latvia

Rethinking waste is not only beneficial to the environment but also the hip pocket for 11-year-old Jim Hodgson.

A member of the Luminescence Children’s Choir, Jim is fundraising for an overseas trip with the choir to Latvia in 2021 by reaping the rewards of the ACT Container Deposit Scheme.

Jim collects eligible drink containers from his neighbours each week and returns them to receive 10 cents for each one, and has already raised about $500 from his endeavours.

“I saw what my friend James [Jayatilaka] was doing with his Cans in Crates business and thought it was a great way to save up for the trip and help the environment,” Jim said.

Jim’s mother Heather is supportive of her son’s efforts and believes the community “are happy to help a kid who is showing a bit of initiative”.

“At first I was nervous about him going around by himself so I would go with him,” Heather said. “But everyone knows him now so he kind of goes on his rounds by himself.”

Jim dropped off flyers he had made to his neighbours asking if they would be willing to help him by setting aside their empty containers for him to collect.

Pushing his handy trailer, Jim collects the containers on Saturday mornings, sorting as he goes, with being out in the fresh air adding to his enjoyment.

Heather said it has been a good experience for Jim, teaching him the idea of “a bit of work pays off” while there are added benefits of math skills and socialisation.

“Jim is really enjoying his recycling venture and collecting bottles from neighbouring streets. In just a few months, Jim has already returned 1,500 containers,” she said.

While the young self-starter is currently fundraising towards his choir trip, long-term he wants to raise money for a car as well.

Since launching in ACT in June 2018, more than 27 million drink containers have been returned and recycled through ACT CDS. There are 21 return points across ACT. To find out more, visit actcds.com.au

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