‘Reconsider your trip’: Inexperienced drivers urged to avoid mountain roads


With the predictions of wet, windy and cold weather this week, ACT Policing is urging drivers who are planning a winter getaway to drive to conditions to prevent accidents on the mountain roads of the ACT and NSW.

“ACT policing are often called to incidents involving motorists who are inexperienced who get into trouble up in the mountains, and they’re relatively remote areas so the response time for police and emergency services can be quite extended,” said Detective acting Superintendent Donna Hofmeier.

“If you’re not experienced, we would ask you to reconsider your trip.”

Detective acting Superintendent Hofmeier said ACT Policing sees a number of road accidents each year involving people who have lost control in bad conditions.

“If you are considering going up there, then we would ask that you either go with someone who is experienced in driving, use a 4WD, use your headlights, look out for the ice on the roads, and just listen to the radio and ACT Government websites in regards to road closures.”

She also reminded people to make sure they have right equipment for the mountain roads, like snow tyre chains if required, and that they know how to put it on.

The warning comes after four hikers were rescued from the Kosciuszko National Park on Monday after they became lost due to deteriorating weather conditions and poor visibility.

Monaro Police District Detective Inspector Neil Grey reminded hikers to stick to designated tracks, carry an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon), and be prepared with thermals, wet weather gear and plenty of food and water.

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