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Police target speeding after spike in infringements

ACT Policing are focusing their attention on speeding this July, after data has shown a dramatic increase in Traffic Infringement Notices for speeding issued so far in 2020.

Police have revealed the number of infringements issued for speeding in 2020 is more than 30% higher than the monthly average for each of the past three years.

There will be several dedicated operations run throughout the month to specifically target speeding motorists.

Road Policing Officer-in-Charge Detective Inspector Marcus Boorman is warning Canberrans to slow down.

“I’ve spoken a lot this year about how Canberra’s roads are not a racetrack,” he said.

“Road Policing officers issued nearly 500 infringement notices a month for speeding, until the end of May this year. We usually issue about 340 speeding infringements a month.” 

The crackdown is part of the traditional July speeding focus as per the ACT Policing and Justice and Community Safety Directorate Road Safety Calendar.

Two Canberrans were caught doing significant speeds on the Majura Parkway over the 13 June weekend, with one driver detected doing 214km/h in the 100km/h zone.

Detective Inspector Boorman said these speeds were unacceptable.

“We are still detecting high-range speeding drivers at speeds that go beyond stupidity. I’m talking about 40, 170, even 200 kilometres an hour,” he said.

“It’s dangerous for everybody, it’s a threat to the community’s safety, and we’re about to go on the front foot after drivers who use too much of their right foot.

“Nobody can say they weren’t warned. The speed limits are clear and we’re telling you we’re taking a zero-tolerance approach.”

The average Traffic Infringement Notices issued were 337 per month in 2017, 339 per month in 2018 and 334 in 2019.

From January to May in 2020, the average number of infringements issued were at an average of 490 per month.

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