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How to platter up

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Looking to put together a stunning platter to wow your guests? Look no further! Food stylist and photographer Megann Evans has teamed up with Fresh Aussie Berries [freshberries.com.au] to show us how it’s done.

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Simple to stunning: Fresh Aussie raspberries and blackberries are a must for the perfect grazing board. Their flavour profile cuts through rich, creamy and salty accompaniments, and they are also a great palate cleanser between flavours. Visually, the brightness of the raspberries and depth of the blackberries add great contrast to the board.

Perfect pairings: Fresh berries pair perfectly with cheeses. Go for an assortment of good quality soft and hard cheeses with different flavours, textures and colours (think white rind, blue, red wax and yellow).

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Texture is key: Texture is an often forgotten key style component. Keep it interesting with smooth and coarse crackers, dehydrated fruits and lusciously plump fresh raspberries and blackberries. Try scrunching brown parchment paper underneath cheeses – it is visually beautiful and adds texture.

Go with the flow: Arrange your ingredients in curves, an ‘S’ or triangles for striking visual balance. Avoid large mounds or sections – separate produce and spread it out. Place your most solid and largest pieces first then work your way down to the smaller pieces – always finishing off with some extra fresh raspberries and blackberries.

Props: Use a neutral colour palette for props – bowls, plates, serving trays, dishes and cutlery – to make the berries pop. The more unique the props, the better, so keep an eye out at second-hand stores or markets.

Gorgeous garnish: For a green and gorgeous finish and to perfectly contrast the fresh berries and add texture, garnish with herbs such as bay leaves, sage, rosemary or lemon thyme.

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