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Planning for a ‘better’ Braddon

A new plan to help build on Braddon’s continued evolution was released on 23 January, but while it aims to improve the area’s public spaces, there are concerns about insufficient parking.

The Braddon Place Plan has been created in collaboration with the local community and builds on the area’s existing character.

City Renewal Authority CEO Malcolm Snow said the plan would help improve the public spaces to match the private development in the thriving area.

“It has grown from a semi-industrial area into a popular entertainment and retail district despite the quality of its public spaces rather than because of them,” Mr Snow said.

“This plan sets out actions that can help bring Braddon’s public spaces, including its streets and parks, up to a standard that will help make the area even better for the people who use it.”

While Braddon’s United Retailers & Traders (BURT) welcomed the plan, spokesperson Kel Watt said parking is a constant issue and it has “got to be rectified”.

“Telling people they can park a couple of blocks away seems a simple solution but people are not going to put up with it for too long,” Mr Watt said, adding the issue was not isolated to Braddon but that Civic also has its own parking problems.

Mr Watt said it was important the infrastructure was improved given the influx of residents and businesses to the area. This influx is reflected in the Braddon Place Plan which noted “Braddon had 39 accommodation and food businesses in 2016, up from 19 in 2011”.

In addition, Mr Watt said any improvements to the area should retain Braddon’s spirit.

“What I like about Braddon is it has a slightly grungier inner city feel and we don’t want to lose that.”

The Braddon Place Plan includes short, medium and long-term actions for government, businesses, landowners and the community.

Mr Snow said this ranges from temporary improvements such as pocket parks, pop-up play elements and infrastructure upgrades like improved ambient lighting and new seating, to longer-term changes such as widening footpaths, installing cycle lanes and creating permanent green active-travel corridors.

One of the key actions in the place plan is the establishment of a ‘town team’ to galvanise community action to deliver on-the-ground events, activities and small-scale physical improvements.

The City Renewal Authority will host a public event tonight, Thursday 31 January 6-8pm, ground floor of Nibu x Palko (27 Lonsdale Street, Braddon) to discuss the plan. RSVP to [email protected]

To see the Braddon Place Plan, visit cityrenewalCBR.com.au

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