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Perfect posture

People often ask how can they improve their posture and get stronger abs, and if they go hand in hand. The answer is yes. If you put just 10 minutes into your abdominal area each day, before you know it you can be stronger, standing taller and gain better posture within weeks.

By sitting up straight in your day-to-day life at work and at home, it will help work your core and abdominals which in turn improves your posture.

Many people aren’t aware that lower back pain can come from weak abdominals and bad posture. To help correct this, try sitting up straight and lift your rib cage in with a full breath. Let your breath out slowly and count to five seconds. While you’re doing this, be aware that your shoulders are not slumped or rolling forward.

How to improve your posture at work

  • Shoulders back
  • Lift your chin up
  • Try not to reach too far forward when sitting at your desk
  • Sit with your back against the postural support in your chair
  • Take time out every 10 minutes to take three deep breaths and, as you fill your lungs, sit up straight and roll your shoulders back
  • Every 30 minutes do shoulder rolls forward and back and try to roll your shoulders up towards your ears

Abdominal and lower back workout

To warm up, walk on the spot for five minutes or trying skipping. Once you’re warm, complete 30 seconds of each exercise three times.

Lying back rolls

  1. Lying flat on your back
  2. Knees to your chest and feet off the ground
  3. Place your hands out to the side with palms facing the floor
  4. Roll your knees over to the left and back over to the right

Alternate twist (seated)

  1. Feet together and raised off the floor
  2. Recline upper body slightly
  3. Holding a medicine ball, rotate left to right (rotating your trunk)

Lying back stretch

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  1. Kneeling down
  2. Place your hands out in front of yourself – stretching your arms out
  3. Keep your hands flat on the ground
  4. Try to sit down on your heels

Straight leg raise

  1. Lying flat on your back
  2. Place your hands flat on the ground by your side
  3. Raise your legs (together) from the ground up to 90 degrees
  4. Lower down under control to the count of five


  1. Lie face down
  2. Elevate your body weight on to your elbows and toes
  3. Keep your elbows under your shoulders

Standing twist

  1. Stand feet shoulder width apart
  2. Bend your knees softly
  3. Place a broomstick on your shoulder with your hands placed on the pole
  4. Twist left to right

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