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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Passport to Education: 2022 Enrolment Guide

While 2020 turned out to be a year like no other in all spheres of life, including education, Australians have largely settled down to a new normal in 2021. Now it’s time to look ahead to enrolment options for your child or children in 2022. We encourage you to read this guide to explore the outstanding educational opportunities being offered by our local advertisers for next year and beyond in the Canberra region.

Canberra Christian School provides tailored education

A secure and nurturing school environment

Our Christian school provides tailored education for your child in Mawson ACT. Our campus offers an Early Learning Centre (with Long Day Care), Pre-School and Primary School with wonderful High School opportunities.

We have approximately 200 students enrolled, which makes us a small school but we are a part of a larger network of 50 Australian schools with over 15,000 students enrolled.

The foundation of our approach to educating every child is our secure and nurturing school environment. We create this environment through appreciation for individual needs, respect for the children in our care and support for their values and opinions. Through this approach, we help each child to reach their full potential whilst developing self-esteem and an appreciation for the needs of others.

We employ the government developed Australian Curriculum; however, our staff recognise the individuality of each child’s learning needs and we offer a program designed to maximise each student’s potential in all areas of their learning.

Children are placed on levels of work based on achievement outcomes rather than chronological age, resulting in satisfaction and challenge being an integral part of the child’s learning program.

Because of our school size, each teacher can monitor each child and get to know their personality, growth and development needs.

All members of Canberra Christian School embrace and celebrate the diversity of our local community. We believe in working together with our families and our community to provide the best possible education for our children. We provide an extensive range of enriching activities including excursions, overnight camps as well as receiving visitors and providing in-school workshops.

Come and visit our campus today or call to make a booking to see the Principal.

students at Canberra Christian School

Choose Catholic Education

Ensuring all students are empowered and supported

Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn serves 56 Schools and 8 Early Learning Centres from Pambula on the South Coast, to Crookwell in the north, through to Lake Cargelligo in the west, traversing 88,000 km² spanning ACT and NSW borders. 

Catholic Education puts students and their families at the heart of everything we do. Our schools are unique in their commitment to a holistic approach to teaching and learning.

Values, Faith and Life

Catholic education integrates Faith with academic subjects, culture and everyday life. We provide structured, orderly learning environments where students are safe and happy. This enables them to develop a love of learning, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

Respectful relationships and high standards of behaviour are an expectation of everyone in the school community.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching in Catholic schools is a vocation, not just a job. We have experienced, highly qualified educators and dynamic, innovative, early career teachers. Everyone who chooses to work in our schools is accountable and committed to ensure all students, of all abilities, are empowered and supported.

Catholic education prioritises the fundamentals such as literacy, numeracy and science. Catholic schools are well resourced, innovative, stimulating environments that prepare students intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Inclusive School Communities

Catholic schools are communities of hope, joy and wonder where all are welcome and inspired to grow to their potential. Our schools are welcoming and inclusive, and families are respected, nurtured and supported regardless of religion or background.

Catholic schools across the Archdiocese are now accepting online enrolments for 2022. Contact your local Catholic school and speak to the Principal to arrange a tour.

W: cg.catholic.edu.au

Catholic Education student

What makes Merici College unique?

Every child is known!

Merici College is a Catholic school for young women in Years 7 to 12. We challenge our students to take risks within and beyond the classroom to achieve individual academic excellence.

Merici is an International Baccalaureate World School, authorised to deliver the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme and classes are taught using the IB Learner Profile.

Dedicated to excellence in women’s education, we prepare your daughter to be a confident leader in her chosen career. We have a newly established Gifted and Talented program and a rigorous, academic program based on Principles of Powerful Learning and growth mindset.

A vertical pastoral care system fosters the personal and spiritual growth of students to create a safe yet challenging environment. Our facilities are excellent with vibrant cutting edge learning areas, refurbished Science labs and auditorium.

Visit us on Open Day, Wednesday 28 April, so that we can introduce you to life at Merici College.

W: www.merici.college

Orana Steiner School: experience the difference

A holistic approach to education

Orana Steiner School is a Kindergarten to Year 12 independent, co-educational and non-denominational school in Weston, Canberra.

An education at Orana is different to other mainstream schools and provides a comprehensive and real-world foundation for children, empowering them to find their creativity as free individuals who think for themselves and find their own purpose and direction in life.

Orana’s educational philosophy is inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian-born scientist, philosopher, artist and educator and inspires students to grow into confident, capable, truthful and creative human beings. It provides children with the balance between academic and creative; discipline and freedom; and individual and social development. This holistic approach to education nurtures the development of the whole child as they learn and mature, all within unique and natural surroundings.

The curriculum at Orana provides a solid foundation in academic subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History, and offers dedicated programs of Technology, the Arts, and Health and Physical Education. 

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights relating to child development, Orana enables students to tackle problem-solving practically and helps to prepare them for the world beyond.

Come and experience the Orana difference for yourself at one of our dedicated tours. Call to book your place now: 02 6288 4283.

Orana Steiner School students

St Clare’s College

Secure your daughter’s future

At St Clare’s College, we are always looking forward with the intent to prepare students for twenty-first century citizenship and employment. Our strategic intent – Seek Wisdom – frames our commitment to becoming a Visible Learning School. Facilitating the use of researched based teaching practices in all classrooms helps to ensure that every student is engaged, challenged and experiences at least one year’s growth as a learner each year.

Secure your daughter’s future in a secondary College that offers excellent academic results; a partnership between students, parents and teachers; support in navigating the teenage years. Enrolments are now open for 2022 via our online application form on our website:  www.stcc.act.edu.au

St Clare's College students

St Edmund’s College

Educating boys for 67 years

St Edmund’s College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, being the oldest continuing Catholic school in Canberra. We are very proud of the inclusive community here at the College, having educated boys from Year 4 to Year 12 for 67 years.

We educate, support and challenge our students with a rigorous academic program whilst providing a diverse program of cultural, pastoral and sporting experiences to enrich their growth and development. We offer teaching and learning programs specifically tailored to a wide range of boys’ learning styles and needs. We have implemented a very successful gifted program making us the school of choice for gifted boys in the area, and we work collaboratively with parents and teachers to ensure that the students with educational and social support needs are able to access and engage with the curriculum.

Since its foundation in 1954, the College has established a strong community for our students and their families and proudly identifies with the traditions on which it was built. Each young man who moves through St Edmund’s College is encouraged to discover and promote what has worth in this world, to place value upon it and to live this out in an authentic manner.

We are a College of Vibrant Spirit, Strong Character and Tailored Learning.  

For more information, please visit our website: sec.act.edu.au

St Edmunds College students

St John Paul II College

A unique, innovative educational model

St John Paul II College is a welcoming and inclusive learning community – a flagship college of best practice in education – catering for students in Years 7-12. Together with the local Catholic primary schools, we provide a K – 12 Catholic pathway for families in the Gungahlin region.

At the College, diversity is embraced and learning outcomes are maximised for each individual. We implement a unique, innovative educational model, aimed at enabling each student to flourish through a technology-rich, self-directed learning environment.

Each student is mentored individually using a coaching approach to provide pastoral and academic support and to foster holistic growth. Mentor teachers work in close partnership with parents and carers and parental feedback and input is strongly sought.

As a relatively new College, with three graduating classes to date, we have been delighted at the excellent academic results of our Year 12 groups.

Our highly successful ex-students are also testament to our educational approach – whether their chosen post-school pathways be university, training or the workforce. They consistently report to us that the College prepared them exceptionally well for the world beyond school.

W: jpc.act.edu.au

Canberra Girls Grammar School

Determination, resilience and visionary thinking

Each year, Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS) provides an opportunity for courageous and brave-hearted young women to gain a scholarship or bursary for entry into the school.

The scholarships and bursaries are open to young women who not only strive academically but also share the values upon which the school was founded; determination, resilience and visionary thinking.

While the School has a strong history of delivering among Canberra’s best academic results, Principal, Anna Owen, believes it moves beyond just education – helping to shape each girl’s character and lighting a fire under leadership potential.

“For me, this school teaches its students to be unapologetic for their gender and to find their voice.”

Scholars join a community that develops well-educated young women, and creates in them a desire to contribute to a world of diversity, equality and inclusion.

The 2023 Scholarship and Bursary Program opens on 3 May. Visit www.cggs.act.edu.au for details.

Canberra Girls Grammar School

Canberra Grammar School

Outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care

Ready for the world. Canberra Grammar School is a co-educational Independent Anglican School offering outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care to day and boarding students of all backgrounds and faiths within a community guided by Christian values.

At CGS, we aspire for our students to be curious, creative, confident and compassionate citizens of the world.

CGS offers both the International Baccalaureate Programme and the NSW HSC in Years 11 and 12.

W: cgs.act.edu.au

Canberra Grammar School

Canberra Montessori School

Encouraging enquiry and independence

The only Quality Assured Montessori Program in Canberra, we acknowledge the uniqueness of each child and encourage independence, enquiry and creative problem solving.

Catering for children aged from 18 months to 12 years, our classrooms are purpose-built within an extensive and beautiful natural environment.

Contact 6287 1962 or email [email protected] for more information.


Daramalan College

A caring and dynamic school community

Daramalan College is a co-educational Catholic secondary school that inspires learning, nurtures potential and is strong in faith.

Offering a comprehensive and diverse academic, pastoral, spiritual, vocational, sporting and cultural education, Daramalan ensures that all students are known, and their potential is nurtured.

Daramalan students achieve excellent academic results and have a reputation for being well prepared for further study or employment after completing school. There are also extensive co-curricular programs to complement the academic curriculum.

With outstanding facilities and leadership opportunities available, students are encouraged to follow a range of pathways, promoting growth and academic success.

Seeking to promote and live out the charism of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, the college focuses on the belief that through experiencing and showing compassionate love towards all people, we can help make the world a better place.

Daramalan College

St John Vianney’s Primary School

A vibrant and welcoming community

St John Vianney’s Primary School is vibrant and welcoming community that embraces all students, no matter their faith.

Focusing on doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, SJV has a range of programs and facilities for the children to enjoy, including leadership programs that teach life skills and responsibility. The wider community is always welcome at SJV and are encouraged to participate in the school life, from the canteen to the classroom.

To ensure that your child gets the best possible education, SJV prides itself on its dedicated and professional staff who take an individualised approach to student learning. From a child’s academic needs to their social/emotional and spiritual development, SJV prides itself on its personalised approach.  

Valuing inclusivity, respect and community, SJV is working on improving student engagement through high expectations and wellbeing, offering opportunities for your child to learn with confidence and an appreciation of their self-worth.

A: 91 Namatjira Drive, Waramanga ACT 2611

St John Vianney students

St Mary MacKillop College

A Catholic school for all

St Mary MacKillop College is a Catholic school for all, providing all kinds of students – who possess a range of talents, interests, and backgrounds – with a Catholic, co-educational pathway for Years 7-12.

As Canberra’s largest secondary school, MacKillop has all the advantages a big school can provide: lots of different people to be friendly with, a wide range of curriculum options, extensive facilities, great teachers, and a huge range of sport and co-curricular choices.

From day to day, however, the two-campus structure means students enjoy a learning environment where they are known, understood, and can navigate their way through the adolescent years with encouragement and support.

MacKillop is enrolling now for Year 7 2022. Prospective students are invited to learn more about the College at the Open Day on 3 May and Try MacKillop Day on 7 May. Registration is essential for both events: www.mackillop.act.edu.au

St Mary Mackillop

The Anglican School Googong

A continually evolving learning community

At The Anglican School Googong, value is placed on community, relationships, versatility and student-centred learning. Our purposeful and contemporary school environment promotes an engaged and connected student experience, facilitating active thinkers and delivering a school community of inspired contributors.

The School’s innovative and dedicated teachers enhance student experience and prepare the students for learning and life beyond the school gate. The school’s emphasis on inquiry learning and building learning power focuses students on developing the dispositions they need to be life-long learners.

Established in 2015, the School is a continually evolving learning community, thriving in this time of growth. TASG’s first Year Eleven cohort will commence in 2022 and the School is currently enrolling for this intake year. We are excited by our future and invite you to join us today. For more information, please contact our enrolments team – Ruth, Emily and Michelle in the School Office.

The Anglican School Googong

Trinity Christian School

A robust P-12 Christian education

Trinity Christian School provides a robust Christian education from Preschool to Year 12. Our campus includes indoor and outdoor learning spaces, sporting facilities, a library and resource centre, a commercial kitchen, and a purpose-built Trade Skills Centre. In 2020 we opened a brand new Kindergarten building and an amazing new Junior School playground.

As a School, Trinity is committed to equipping students to live meaningful lives in and outside the classroom. We are a learning centred school, focusing on the learner and the learning. We provide opportunities for all students to grow academically and mature in faith and service. The core aspirations we have for our students are to grow loving hearts, enquiring minds and generous spirits.

We are currently accepting applications for 2022 and all future years. We look forward to the students and families who will join us as we journey into our exciting and hope-filled future.

Visit: www.trinitycs.act.edu.au

Trinity Christian School

This Passport to Education: 2022 Enrolment Guide was created in partnership with these schools. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here.