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Monday, April 12, 2021

Parbery Consulting is designing its own future

They say good things come in threes, and that certainly rings true for the team at Parbery Consulting.

2020 has been a busy one for the tightknit team; they’ve celebrated their third birthday, welcomed a new partner into the fold, and debuted a new, fresh look for their brand.

“I’m very excited to be here,” says Kim Moeller, who’s recently come on board as the firm’s third partner.

“I’m really excited to be with a company that is designing its future and its way in the world, and I’m excited to be part of that design process,” he says.

“Clients are seeking us out, because they can see that we’ve got the broad base of expertise, and they can have confidence in what we are delivering to get the job done.”

Having recently celebrated three years in business, the Parbery team is forging ahead and making a name for themselves in the industry, having quickly become serious contenders in the world of consulting. Whether it’s project management, organisational change or financial consulting – or everything in between – Parbery is all about designing and delivering solutions.

“It’s been three years’ worth of growth; each year is incredibly different, each year is incredibly challenging, but we can really feel there’s maturation in the business now around the work that we’re doing and the clients that we’re working with,” says partner Nick Chapman.

“We’ve created a business that is a place that we’re happy to work in, and we’re confident that it’s a place others are incredibly happy to work in.

“‘Designing the future’ is a great way to talk about it, because we’re constantly excited about something.”

Partner Kylie Burnett says Parbery owes their rapid success to their stellar team, which is now attracting attention from people looking to move from bigger firms to a boutique agency that’s smashing goals left, right and centre.

“The talent and the people who have been attracted to us in the last six to 12 months is the thing that excites me most.

“People are coming to us now,” she says, “they want to come work with us, and have heard about us”. 

She says the team is made up of experienced consultants, some from ‘big four’ firms, and a number of ex-senior public servants – giving Parbery a unique edge.

“That gives us that different perspective on delivering to our clients,” Kylie says. “Because we’ve got people who have been the client and understand the client, and understand what they need and want.”

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