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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Parbery Consulting: authenticity and community

Things just keep getting better and better for local consulting firm, Parbery, who are committed to an ethos of authenticity and community. In the works is their latest service line, tailored to deliver professional solutions to the not-for-profit sector.

Parbery senior managers Annette Watson and Brendan Egan both have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the not-for-profit sector, making them best placed to head up the company’s new offering.

Brendan says Parbery’s approach has been designed specifically to service not-for-profit organisations, based on his and Annette’s dedication to the sector and passion for the organisations’ work.   

Brendan Egan from Parbery Consulting
Brendan Egan says Parbery is dedicated to their local community in everything they do, with an ethos of being authentic, local and part of their community.

“While other firms may provide services to organisations within the sector, we’re looking here at establishing a clearly defined service offering,” he says.

“It’s being led by people who have skill and expertise in that area and a passion for that area; it’s not a side project.”

Annette says the not-for-profit sector is “where my heart lies”, and recognises Parbery’s position in being able to provide real solutions for the sector in areas including strategic and corporate governance, grants and tenders, finance and a broad ‘health check’, and more.  

Annette Watson from Parbery Consulting
Senior manager Annette Watson says she and colleague Brendan Egan have a wealth of experience in the not-for-profit sector: “We know what the challenges are, we know what they’re trying to do and how great they are at doing it”.

“Doing something that can give back to the sector and give back to the community, for me, is really important.”

She says Parbery is uniquely equipped with a team that knows the sector from the inside out and can offer the right supports and advice.

“The experience that I had in the sector is when you do need support from a consulting firm, the ‘known names ’and the ones that come to mind are way too expensive and don’t know the market,” she says.

“Brendan and I come with a lot of experience in the sector and we know what it’s like to be in there. We know what the challenges are, we know what they’re trying to do and how great they are at doing it.”

The team say the move to offer dedicated services to the not-for-profit sector was a natural one for the fast-growing firm, with Parbery’s dedication to their local community evident in everything they do.

“We’re a relatively small but unashamedly local provider in the professional services space,” Brendan says.

“And we rely heavily on our ethos of being authentic, being local and being part of the community.

“Those things are certainly a point of differentiation from larger organisations and multi-national firms, where it’s probably just another job and another number.”

Parbery Consulting

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