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Monday, May 10, 2021

Overcoming unhealthy habits

Capital Hydrotherapy’s Kirra Rankin shares her top tips for overcoming those unhealthy habits during COVID-19.

How much has your lifestyle changed over the past two months? A little? A lot? Drastic overhaul?

One in five Australians have reported difficulties maintaining a healthy lifestyle during the pandemic. According to new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we are finding it more difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle due to COVID-19: 14% of people reported they are consuming higher levels of alcohol; 22% reported eating more snack foods like chips, lollies and biscuits; and 58% reported higher rates of screen time.

Where do you start when these new lifestyle habits have been ingrained for months? The big question is, do you want to change? Experts say it takes between 21 and 90 days to change a habit, depending on the person’s motivation and lifestyle circumstances.

Restrictions haven’t been completely lifted; however, I think it’s important to start thinking about if you want to make a lifestyle change. All you need is a little shift in thinking, nothing drastic! Here are my tips:

Just start

Sounds too simple, right? That’s because it is simple – and true! Look at making one change a day: eating habits, drinking habits, movement habits.

Moving regularly throughout the day helps your mental and physical health. Here is a quick and easy strength program:

  • 10 x single leg scooter
  • 10 x side plank and leg lift
  • 10 x bird dog and circles with the leg
  • 10 x deep hip flexor lunge (hold for 2 secs)
  • 10 x plank to push up

Put on your walking shoes

Mountains are open. Walking trails are open. Walking is cost effective, free, social and fun – the perfect recipe for recovering from a pandemic! Find a walking buddy to keep you accountable (my 11-month-old’s afternoon sleep keeps me accountable).

Have a short-term plan

Plan for the week ahead; don’t get too caught up in a long-term goal right now. You can fill out your weekly planner here  – you’re welcome to email me your plan at [email protected], I’m happy to keep you accountable!

Think differently

If you can’t snag that hour spot at the gym, a home exercise circuit with the family is virus-free and fun! Think outside the box: grab those cans of food, grab the dusty dumbbells, pump up the swiss ball, grab the resistance band, pot plants, bags of firewood kindling – anything that you can move to repetition!

A little change goes a long way. How can you make a little change this week?

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