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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Ninja Warrior: Beat the wall

With Ninja Warrior back on our screens, we’re seeing the warriors power up the ‘warped wall’ (pictured). I thought this would be a great time to share with you tricks and training tips so you too can beat the wall!

All ‘ninjas’ have one objective every time we venture onto any ninja course, and that is to hit that buzzer once we get up the wall. While the wall is intimidating and scary when you look at it, it is, in fact, one of the easier obstacles on the course once you understand it and learn how to tackle it.

Running up the warped wall: On their first few tries, most people run into the wall or at the wall – both of these approaches are wrong. What you need to do is learn how to run up the wall and place your feet in the right areas to get the best push up. You will also require some speed and power to assist you up the wall. Here’s what you need to know:

  • When running to the wall, plan where you are going to place your first and second step.  
  • The first step will hit a slight angle of the wall, as it starts to slope up.
  • For the second step, you’ll need to lift your other leg towards your chest, place your foot onto the wall and explode off.
  • It’s important to be looking up at the top of the wall and planning where your hands are going to be, then you can grab on and pull yourself over.

Here are some more handy tips and tricks:

  • Your run up to the wall is only six metres, so only practise with that distance.
  • Do a practice walk up to the wall and map out your path up its face.
  • Always look up the wall as you take the first step, because you are going up the wall not through it.
  • Attack the wall with confidence.
  • Always get your elbows up over the edge of the wall and use your arm strength to help pull yourself to the top.

Training for the warped wall: It’s best to stick to the basics when training for the wall. Here’s a workout that you can do as a straight set:

Warm up:

  • 5-minute walk/run
  • Stretching: calves and Achilles

Part 1: repeat five times

  • 10m lunge walk
  • 10 x squat jumps
  • 10m jog
  • 10 m sprint   

Part 2:

  • 5 x single leg hops forward, left leg
  • 5 x single leg hops forward, right leg
  • 10m walking knee raises to chest, left leg
  • 10m walking knee raises to chest, right leg
  • 10 x jumping knee raises

Part 3:

  • 20 x seated dips
  • 5 x 20-second chin-up hang
  • 5 x chin-ups (work up to this)

The warped wall is so much fun, it is one of my favourite obstacles to do and teach! If you want to have a go, come out to the arena; we have 7ft, 10ft and 12ft walls, as well as the 19ft ‘Armageddon’.

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