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Next Practice Deakin: Anything but general

With a simple but extraordinary purpose, the Next Practice clinic is anything but a general practice, coupling purpose-built technology with genuine compassion.

Located in the heart of Deakin, the clinic first opened its doors in December 2020, promising to provide energising spaces, powerful technology and a doctor’s clinic that is totally designed around client wellness.

Called the ‘end to assembly-line healthcare’, Next Practice was born out of the simple belief that primary care could be drastically improved while providing all necessary primary health services.

Dr Paresh Dawda said the overarching idea behind the clinic is that “All the patient’s needs are met”.

“We’ve tried to take into account what matters to that person and tried to individualise care, allowing people to look after themselves and really working with their strengths rather than the deficits,” Dr Dawda said.

Patients are greeted in the Living Room, a welcoming waiting room with a coffee station, interactive noticeboard, greenery, and helpful Patient Advocates who offer receptionist services and support for the doctors.

The consultation rooms are clinically functional, with traditional equipment and services while focusing on the partnership of the patient and physician.

“It’s about compassion, dignity, respect and treating people as people,” said Dr Dawda.

Rounded tables offer a collaborative, friendly approach while bespoke software and Bluetooth connect all of the medical equipment, moving the information directly into the patient’s file, streamlining each step of visiting the GP.

“It’s not technology for technology’s sake,” said Dr Dawda. “What we’ve tried to do is take the best that we’ve seen internationally and put it in one clinic.”

The team of healthcare professionals spend as much time as required to help their patients stay well as they go through life’s stages.

As well as having general practitioners available for consultations, Next Practice also provides access to fully qualified nurses, a clinical psychologist and a geriatrician.

According to Dr Dawda, the overall holistic approach to the clinic’s design was inspired by their passion for person-centered care. 

“It came from this statement that says if you add up all the time a person spends in a doctor’s surgery, it’s only a few hours a year,” he said.

“If we can try and add value by creating an experience that’s different by supporting them so they can better look after themselves for all those hours they’re not with us, then that’s what’s really going to help in the long run.”

For more information, visit nextpracticehealth.com

This article was created in partnership with Next Practice. For more information on sponsored partnerships, click here.

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