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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New plan for Haig Park

Plans for Haig Park have been released for community consultation, which include play equipment, better lighting and improved footpaths.

The Haig Park Plan is the result of community consultation and aims to “improve the park so that it meets the community’s needs”.

City Renewal Authority Chief Executive Malcolm Snow said the plan included physical improvements as well as a community events program to help make Haig Park an attractive inner-city destination.

“The plan is a strategic document that sets out actions to achieve the community’s vision for Haig Park,” Mr Snow said.

“Proposed physical improvements include an east-west link for pedestrians and cyclists; new lighting along key routes and among the trees; fitness equipment and running tracks of varying distances; barbecue facilities, improved amenities and a pop-up nature play and children’s playground.”

The plan was developed from two rounds of community consultation in 2017.

“The input we have received from the community has been very clear that there needs to be a balance between making the park more people-friendly and maintaining its heritage significance,” Mr Snow said.

Haig Park was recently identified through the Safety Mapping Tool by the Women’s Centre for Health Matters as an area where a significant portion of women in the ACT felt unsafe.

The Plan addresses the safety issue with recommended improvements such as cutting lower branches of trees to improve visibility across the park and infrastructure changes such as realigning footpaths and improving lighting.

“Haig Park is a really important community asset and we want it to be a place that is used, enjoyed and embraced by many Canberrans and visitors.

“This plan will put in place actions that the City Renewal Authority can take to improve the park in the short term while also recognising that more people will increasingly be using it as their local park,” Mr Snow said.

“We are looking to make some quick, temporary improvements that will instantly make the park a better place to visit or pass through. We will assess these improvements to see whether they should be implemented permanently.”

“We will also be looking at the existing depot site to see how it can be used for community events such as a pop-up stage or pavilion.”

Mr Snow said improvements to the park will be in accordance with an approved Conservation Management Plan to protect the area’s heritage values.

The Haig Park Plan is open for community consultation until 8 August via yoursay.act.gov.au/haigpark

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