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New directions in place for travel to ACT from South Australia

From 5.30pm today, Thursday 19 November, anyone travelling to Canberra who has been in South Australia in the past 14 days will have to complete an online declaration at least 24 hours prior to entering the ACT.

Under a new Public Health Direction, to enter the ACT, all travellers will be required to declare that in the 14 days prior to entering the ACT, they have not: visited a place in South Australia that has been identified by the South Australian Government as a COVID-19 Declared Place; or had contact with a person who is a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Providing these criteria have been met, all travellers from South Australia to the ACT will continue to be permitted entry without the need to quarantine.

ACT residents returning from South Australia must also complete this declaration.

Any ACT resident who has declared they have been in a COVID-19 Declared Place will be required to quarantine until 14 days have passed since they were last in the Declared Place.

Upon entry to the ACT, people will be asked to present a copy of their declaration, which travellers will always need on their person while in the ACT.

These arrangements are consistent with the travel arrangements implemented by New South Wales today.

While the ACT border remains open to South Australia at this time, subject to this new declaration process, ACT Health advises no one should be travelling between the ACT and South Australia unless essential.

All of South Australia is currently subject to a six-day Stay at Home Direction until 25 November 2020.

From 12.01am this morning, under a range of sweeping restrictions, regional travel will not be approved, meaning South Australians in regional locations will be required to stay where they are for the entirety of the six-day period.

In addition, all schools, pubs, cafes, takeaway food outlets, universities and the construction industry are closed for six days.

Elective surgery, except for urgent operations and cancer treatment, is closed.

Weddings and funerals have also been banned for the six-day lockdown.

Critical services including infrastructure like water, power and telecommunications, medical services, airport and essential freight, petrol stations, and supermarkets are able to remain open, with limitations in terms of access in place for the public.

One person per household is able to leave once a day to purchase groceries and face masks are required in all areas outside the home.

A full list of South Australia lockdown restrictions is available here.

All flights from Adelaide into Canberra Airport continue to be met by ACT Health public health response teams to provide travellers with information on COVID-19 symptoms, and locations in the ACT where they can undergo testing if they develop symptoms while in the ACT.

A list of exposure sites associated with the ongoing cluster can be found on the SA Health website.

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