Neat Feat Body Saver range


While summer brings long, hot sunny days, it unfortunately brings sweating. Sweat rash, chafing, persistent sweating on your face, body and feet can leave you feeling uncomfortable, sore and irritated. The sting of sweat on irritated skin is not at all fun in the sun. But all is not lost. Neat Feat has a fantastic Body Saver range that will ensure you’re cool as a cucumber (and sweat-free) this summer. The range, consisting of Body Saver, Face Saver, Foot Saver and Hand Saver, will help combat sweat rash and chafing, foot odour, clammy hands and hairline and facial sweat for ultimate summer comfort.

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Canberra Weekly has 3 x Neat Feat Body Saver prize packs, valued at $81.65 each, to be won.


To enter, email [email protected] with ‘Neat Feat Body Saver’ in the subject field. Tell us your name, full contact details (including best delivery address) and one of the products in the Neat Feat Body Saver range. Entries close 9am Friday 8 January 2021 and winners drawn same day. One entry per person. Entrants must be aged 18+.

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