Sally Coleman: My favourite things

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Born and raised in Canberra, Sally Coleman is one half of rap duo Coda Conduct and a radio presenter at Triple J. She and fellow Canberran Erica Mallett have recently taken over as Triple J’s new Breakfast team. “We both got into radio really organically,” says Sally, “it really just stemmed from a love of music. To be honest, I did a radio subject at uni and I hated it, so I completely wrote that off as a career. But despite the false start I’m loving the new job on Brekkie!” She says she loved growing up in Canberra. “It’s the perfect balance of city and country, with heaps of space for a kid to ride a bike and play street cricket. In our street we doubled up and called it bike cricket.” Catch Sally and Erica on air 6-9am weekdays on Triple J.

sally coleman with her cat


Honestly there’s nowhere I’d rather spend a weekend. Catch me in the garden section putting annuals in my basket then taking them out again and saying things like “is this one too leggy?”


Okay, technically not MY cat – she belongs to my housemate – but she’s a sassy a**hole/loveable sweetheart. The cat that is. Although I could say the same about my housemate.

sally coleman eating a zooper dooper


Come summer and I’m smashing a pack a day. Don’t care what brand, don’t care what flavour, I just care that the edges have been trimmed off the top so I don’t get those little cuts in the corners of my mouth.


I’m talking fantasy, science fiction and everything in between. I’ve been ploughing through Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books recently, and I was a big fan of Broken Stars which is a compilation of Chinese science fiction translated by Ken Liu. I love how these genres can be simultaneously fun and cheeky but also really thought-provoking.


sally coleman and family

We all live in different cities now but you can’t beat the banter in my house when everyone is home, sitting around the table and one-upping each other on spicy comebacks. My parents have always been super supportive of whatever I’m doing, while my siblings make sure my head doesn’t get too big.

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