Luke Heggie: My favourite things

Luke Heggie sitting down looking away from the camera

Luke Heggie is a comedian from Queensland who lives in Sydney. He tours a lot, and has written and performed a new one-hour show every year since 2012 for the Australian comedy festivals. When not on the road, he spends his time in Sydney fixing stuff his kids break, and going to the beach. He’s out nearly every night performing. He has long been a campaigner for stand-up comedy to have absolutely no barriers to entry, allowing any lunatic to begin being a comedian, becoming a menace to themselves and a danger to others. His new show Lowbreed will be part of the Canberra Comedy Festival this month.


This is a French classic, and has cut a lot of stuff since my father-in-law gave it to me not long after we met. I carry it with me a lot, and one day I’ll be like those wrinklies you see cutting slices of salami to munch on in between playing boules and saying inappropriate stuff.

Luke Heggie playing his mandolin


I use this sometimes in my shows since I started playing it. I’m no good, but I like it. It lives on a hook at my place, so I can pick it up and pluck away until my name gets yelled.


I like to write every day, and get really cut if I don’t get the opportunity. The Macquarie Thesaurus has been the trustiest and best writing companion I’ve ever had. I’d carry it around with me, but I’m not that much of a dork.

Luke Heggie brompton bike in front of a gate


I have been riding bikes most days of my life. I love them, and spent a lot of my youth touring on them. This is my Brompton folding bike I travel with to other cities so I can get around. It’s a superb design.


Every weekend and a lot of weekdays we are at the beach. Now my kids are old enough to not try to drown themselves every five seconds, it’s pretty enjoyable too. This is a drawing of them by illustrator Emilie Protiere-Picquier [Luke’s wife]. Her simple and elegant illustrations are another thing I love.

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