Christine Marr: My favourite things

Christine Marr standing and posing for the camera
Christine Marr was named the 2019 Business Woman of the Year

Christine Marr is the CEO of Bookssorted and was named the Canberra Women in Business 2019 Business Woman of the Year. In 2003, Christine’s husband was offered work in Canberra and while reluctant to leave her family “it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this town”. “Leaving the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Canberra seemed like a dream come true and our family flourished here with untold opportunities.” Christine created Bookssorted 13 years ago after witnessing many contractors disempowered by payroll providers who saw them as simply a number. In addition to a passion for helping contractors, Christine is also passionate about supporting and fostering teams and the community. “As a growing business in the Canberra community, we continue to maintain a focus on supporting the community that supports us.”

Christine Marr with her husband and two children


This photo reminds me of why I do what I do. Helping IT contractors is a big ‘why’ in my business, but so is my family. I started Bookssorted in a way that meant I could be there for my kids as they grew. I maintain a commitment to them, always.


Want to know the way to grab my attention? An almond flat white using Milk Lab almond milk. If you want extra points, make sure it’s an Ona Coffee Hitman variety.

Christine Marr exercising at boot camp


Health and wellbeing is a big part of my life. Steve and the team at Century Strength and Conditioning are a key part of my life. I couldn’t have the energy to do what I do without them!


I love fashion! But I also try to live as sustainably as possible. GlamCorner Premium allows me to rent new fashion pieces every month, so I feel like I’m getting new outfits regularly, yet I’m doing so in a sustainable way.

clothes on a rack

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