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Motorcyclist deaths overrepresented on ACT roads

ACT Policing announced it will spend the month working to draw attention to vulnerable road users today, 2 March, one day after a motorcyclist died at the scene of a Monaro Highway accident minutes south of the ACT border.

ACT Policing Senior Constable Drew McKellar, a Road Policing motorcycle officer, said all road users needed to be aware of motorcycle safety.

“Since 2016, 40 people have lost their lives on the Territory’s roads, and nine of them, that’s more than 20%, have been motorcyclists,” he said.

“As motorcyclists are only about 5% of registered vehicles, that’s a startling statistic.”

Police are calling on road users pay extra attention to motorcyclists this month as the Road Safety Calendar focus turns to vulnerable road users, including children, pedestrians and motorcyclists.

Vulnerable road users do not have the same protection as a car in a collision.

“This month we’re asking all road users to be aware of motorcyclists, and for motorcyclists to remember how vulnerable they are,” Senior Constable McKellar said.

The Road Safety Calendar campaign forms part of the ACT Road Safety Strategy which prioritises a Vision Zero approach to road safety.

2021 Road Fatalities Timeline

18 January: 21-year-old man on motorbike dies in Paddys River, ACT

1 February: 47-year-old motorcyclist dies in Belconnen, ACT

25 February: A two-vehicle collision between a Nissan Pulsar and Ford Ranger kills a 78-year-old woman in Isabella Plains, ACT

1 March: A Monaro Highway accident involving a truck kills a motorcyclist near Michelago, just south of the ACT border in NSW

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