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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Mother’s plea for help in decade-old missing persons case

The mother of long-term missing person, Laura Haworth, has urged the public to contact Crime Stoppers with any information involving her daughter’s disappearance, over a decade after she went missing.

Beth Cassilles addressed the media with Detective Superintendent Jamey Bellicanta yesterday, 3 August, as part of the ACT launch of National Missing Persons Week 2020 (2-8 August).

Laura Haworth was last seen on 5 January, 2008.

“It is difficult for us to fathom that we have not seen my daughter Laura for 12 and a half years. A loved and cherished member of our family, we all miss her deeply every day,” Ms Cassilles said.

“Laura was 23 when she went missing, a tall bright woman who would now be 36. Laura has two children who were aged two and three when she disappeared.

“They have grown up wondering where their mother is, what has happened to her, but we don’t know.”

The mother of two was last seen on 5 January 2008 leaving Queanbeyan NSW. Her car was found in Reid, ACT, almost two weeks later.

There are currently 14 ACT long-term missing person cases, including two residents missing overseas.

Det. Bellicanta said anyone with information, even those who had been in contact previously, should call Crime Stoppers.

“Even if you have called Crime Stoppers previously, there could be a new piece of vital information uncovered during a phone call,” he said.

“As is the case with Laura and our other missing persons cases in the ACT, there are a number of reasons why people go missing.

“Police remain open minded in regards to Laura’s circumstances.”

Across Australia, there are eight long-term missing persons – one from each State and Territory – featured in this year’s National Missing Person’s Week digital campaign ‘I’ll see you later’.

Ms Cassillies said she remained hopeful for the return of her daughter and hoped any information would assist police in their investigations.

“There have been some more leads and the police I believe are doing their best to follow them up, but they are under-resourced and don’t have the resources to follow them up yet,” she said.

“We do know that Laura disappeared suddenly, unexpectedly and without explanation. We know there has been no use of her phone or bank account, and we know the effects on Laura’s loved ones are immense, ongoing, and unrelenting.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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