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Morocco on the move: A model of modern democracy and steady development

By Karim Medrek, Ambassador of Morocco to Australia

Today, Thursday 30 July, Moroccans are celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Throne Day, which commemorates the accession of His Majesty Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, to the throne. This is an occasion to renew the bonds of cohesion and unity between the Monarchy and the People.

Since His enthronement in 1999, the Sovereign has, irreversibly, put the Kingdom on the path of progress, development and democracy, on the basis of a clear-sighted vision and an inclusive approach that puts human and social development, equality and social justice at the core of the Kingdom’s priorities. By consecrating the principle of parity, Morocco has built a modern and democratic society in which the human element, especially women, fully exercise their rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural areas.

These sweeping reforms changed the political, economic and social landscapes by shaping a dynamic and open country, firmly anchored in its rich history, while resolutely looking to the future. In this respect, it shall be stressed that the unity of Morocco relies, largely, on the convergence of its Arab-Islamic, Amazigh and Saharan-Hassani components which are enriched by African, Andalusian, Hebraic and Mediterranean origins.

Thanks to these reforms, the Kingdom made undeniable progress in promoting rights and freedoms, and consolidating sound democratic practices, achieving progress in infrastructure development; whether in terms of highway construction, high-speed railway, major ports, renewable energy facilities or urban development. The Moroccan economy has been able to draw its strength from promising sectors such as tourism, the textiles industry, automotives and aeronautics; from natural resources such as phosphates and from an exceptional generation of entrepreneurs.

At the international level, under the guidance of the Sovereign, Morocco has proven to be a reliable partner on a number of global issues, taking the lead notably in those related to peace and security, fight against terrorism, migration, in addition to climate change and environmental issues. The Kingdom has also launched new spheres of cooperation with countries across the globe, consolidating its traditional partnerships and its regional South-South cooperation; alongside opening up to new ones within the framework of the diversification of partners.

Morocco’s royal pragmatic approach, in terms of Foreign Policy, comes within the framework of the evolution and maturity of the Moroccan model and to accompany regional and international transformations. In the scope of these achievements, there is also room to mention the successful Moroccan model in the religious field. The Kingdom based its strategy on multiculturalism, the dynamism of its long-standing historical ties, its principles of moderation and tolerance, and the role of the Royal institution – notably the King as the Commander of the believers.

In the context of COVID-19, the Moroccan nation has shown incredible resilience and ability to face these challenges. Morocco relied on its own human resources and local production to tackle these unprecedented circumstances by producing 10 million face masks on a daily basis, as well as ventilators and medical supplies, which have been provided equally to African brotherly countries, in the framework of continental solidarity.

Initially, Morocco established a 1 billion USD Special Fund for the Management and Response to COVID-19, which rapidly reached a surprising 4 billion USD, thanks to donations from industry and Moroccan citizens. The funds raised have been dedicated to improving health infrastructure and alleviating the pandemic’s social and economic impacts.

As a nation, it is in times of hardship when the real value of the people is truly tested. Morocco will celebrate its Throne Day knowing, undoubtedly, that its unity and its strength are enabling it to overcome these challenges.


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