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Friday, May 14, 2021

Mobile phone detection for ACT roads

The ACT Government will look into the use of mobile phone detection cameras to address the issue of driver distraction.  

Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury said funding was allocated for this in the mid-year budget, with the issue of driver distraction a “high priority” for the Government.

“Drivers using mobile phones and other devices while driving is extremely dangerous. Research has shown that distracted drivers, such as those who look at their mobile phones while driving, are three times more likely to be involved in a crash,” he said.

“Drivers are continuing to use their mobile phones while driving. At 60km/h, looking at your phone for just three seconds means you are driving blind for 50 metres.”

He said while they may be seen as controversial, he believed the Canberra community would support the introduction of the cameras.

“Distracted driving is not on. Drivers who engage in this practice are endangering the lives of everyone on our roads,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“To combat this significant road safety issue, the ACT Government is now exploring the possible future introduction of mobile phone detection cameras, similar to those rolled out in NSW.”

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