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Minor parties push for diversity ahead of ACT election

The 13 minor parties running in the 2020 ACT election are inviting voters to a showcase to learn what they stand for in the hope of bringing more diversity to the Legislative Assembly.

Candidates will be sharing their views at the upcoming Minor Party Showcase, a ticketed event for up to 100 people, on Thursday 3 September 7pm at Southern Cross Club Woden. They are also in the process of confirming a venue for a northside event on 17 September.

Canberra Progressives representative and candidate for Murrumbidgee, Robert Knight, said it was clear more diversity was needed in the Assembly. 

“The major parties have sewn up politics for their own benefit, and that of their cashed up vested interests,” he said.

“With 23 of 25 seats in the Legislative Assembly occupied by Labor and Liberal, and two Greens forming government with Labor, this simply doesn’t reflect the diversity of Canberrans and their views.

“We need more diverse representation in the Assembly to hold the government to account and break up the concentration of power. Canberra will be the richer for it.”

The Canberra Progressives, The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, The Canberra Party, Belco Party, Sustainable Australia, The Community Action Party,The Australian Climate Change Justice Party, and David Pollard Independent will all be included in the showcase.

Emcee for the event will be Kim Huynh.

Mr Knight said it was a great opportunity for minor parties to connect with the Canberra public in the lead up to the ACT election on Saturday 17 October. 

“It’s difficult for minor parties to get their voices heard,” Mr Knight said.

“The ACT Minor Party Showcase is an ideal opportunity for voters to meet these candidates and hear directly from these parties about what they stand for and the changes they would like to see in the ACT.”

The free tickets can be ordered online at eventbrite.com.au

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