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Meet Vpply: ‘TikTok for jobs’

Australian-owned job board, Vpply, is connecting companies and job seekers through quick and engaging video, allowing candidates to showcase their personality without the need of traditional resumes.

Founded in Sydney, Vpply was launched in July 2020 to help job seekers find work and to assist with COVID-19 recovery. Targeting Generation X, the platform’s niche of applying with a video has offered many young jobseekers a platform to start their job search while also allowing them to engage in human connection and to portray their authentic personality.

According to CEO Tom Lipczynski, almost four in 10 (38%) of all Vpply’s users fall into the 25-to-34-years bracket, while the platform has attracted over 3,000 job seekers in January alone. 

“In total, Vpply has listed over 6,000 jobs in Australia,” he said.

“The traction is strong, and we are growing both sides of the business month on month.”

The jobs listed include roles in business support, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, IT and entertainment, with the variety set to increase significantly in the coming months. In Canberra, Mr Lipczynski said there are over 100 jobs listed.

“We have had over 100 jobs listed to date … ranging from baristas, store managers, sonographers to solicitors.”  

Vpply was launched during the height of the pandemic to help Australians get back to work, by assisting them apply for jobs significantly faster than traditional methods, a proactive step towards addressing unemployment.

As the use of video software for work continues to surge, Vpply’s goal is to become a household name, launching in multiple countries as part of the 2021 rollout.

Mr Lipczynski said that Vpply will not replace traditional job seeking but will act as an alternative.

“While Vpply presents an alternative to resumes and cover letters, I do not think CV’s will be replaced in the near future for all jobs,” he said.

“For certain traditional sectors that require CV’s to apply for jobs, Vpply will complement with a video to give a more rounded view of the application.”

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