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Wednesday, May 19, 2021
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Meat & Wine Co to bring ‘dining theatre’ to Canberra

A highly anticipated arrival to Canberra’s dining scene, the Meat & Wine Co is set to open the doors to its latest restaurant on Wednesday 21 April.

Meat & Wine Co’s 10th restaurant will call the newly opened Constitution Place precinct in the City home, with an Afro-centric menu that celebrates paddock-to-plate and the pairing of food – particularly their premium and dry-aged steaks – with their extensive, hand-selected wine list.

“We believe Constitution Place is a perfect iconic site to showcase our food and beverage offering, personable service, Afro-centric atmosphere, and dining theatre,” said Meat & Wine Co’s Australian operations manager, Troy Mattingly.

“We are excited to share our passion and offering to the local community of Canberra very soon.”

The menu promises a unique dining experience, packed with dishes highlighting local, Australian produce and celebrating and honouring African culture. The brand’s newest dining offering will be available, too – a dry-ageing process that leaves meat tender and flavourful.

“Our AGED program is a new introduction to our extensive meat program this year, incorporating classic dry aging methods along with a butter aging technique developed over the long months of lockdowns,” said food manager Thomas Geoffrey.

He recommends diners new to the Meat & Wine Co try the AGED rib-eye on the bone, South African beef sausages Boerewors, and the dark chocolate fondant to finish.

When it comes to drinks, there will certainly be something for everyone, with 25 wines available by the glass and more than 100 by the bottle, as well as cocktails, beers and spirits.

They’ve even sourced some of our favourite local wines from the surrounding regions for their ‘black vintage’ list, explains beverage manager Ben Preston.

“Post fires and floods, we’ll help support our vigneron friends by reintroducing some of their great wines from the past vintages and will continue to source for your drinking pleasure.”

For more information or to book a table, head to themeatandwineco.com

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