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Maserati moves to town

Whether they’re prowling slowly through Manuka or purring along Adelaide Avenue, an Italian supercar will turn heads regardless of where you spot one.

Having long been a rarity on Canberra’s roads, and never sold here, prestige Italian car manufacturer Maserati have just established themselves as the first of their kind with a showroom in the ACT.

Maserati Australia CEO Glen Sealey told Canberra Weekly they are excited to venture into uncharted territory.

“Canberra itself has a number of Maserati clients driving around at the moment … given that they’ve given us a level of confidence and a level of loyalty, it’s appropriate that we should reinvest into the market and give Maserati a home in Canberra.”

Their Canberra dealership is operated by John McGrath Auto Group.

Mr Sealey said having one of Canberra’s most established car dealers behind their launch fills them with confidence.

“From our perspective, it’s important we partner with good, strong individuals who are known in the marketplace, and can help understand and operate with our concept of la familia.”

As a prestige brand, Mr Sealey said Maserati prides itself on craftsmanship, performance, and authenticity.

“We’re not an Italian brand made in South Africa or Poland; we’re an Italian brand made in Italy.”

And their attention to detail extends all the way to the showroom floor, literally.

The tiles in every dealership are specified in Italy, all of the furniture is Italian, and an Italian architect oversaw the job of establishing the Phillip showroom.

“We don’t apologise for our standards … we don’t deviate whether it’s Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Milan or Rome,” Mr Sealey said.

“To implement those standards in a market the size of Canberra is not easy, and that’s a testament to the fortitude of John McGrath, and the confidence he has in the local market.”

Mr Sealey said the brand’s push into regional centres like Canberra comes on the back of the launch of the Maserati Levante, which starting at $125,000, makes it the most accessible Maserati has been for some time.

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