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Market basket: winter produce

We love winter here at CW, especially the warming, nourishing foods and in-season produce we can indulge in over the cooler months. Food writer Libby Kimber has handpicked some classic winter favourites for you to add to your next market basket. 


We wouldn’t blame you if you bought these corella pears just for decoration. While their red-to-green-to-yellow gradient is a stunning addition to your fruit bowl, they taste amazing, too. We would just eat these fresh as they are, however we wouldn’t say no to poaching them with some spices and serving them up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, either.


If you’ve not tried a Feijoa before, make sure you pick one up the next time you’re at the markets and you’ll be instantly transported to a tropical paradise. You can eat them as they are (the skin is more bitter than the flesh), substitute them into recipes that call for other fruits (like apples) or, if you’re anything like us, use them to whip up a cocktail.


Hear us out – Brussels sprouts deserve a chance! If you treat them right, they’ll love you back, we promise. Our top tip is to fry them off with a little bacon and let them caramelise, before adding them to the ultimate winter comfort food: mac and cheese.


Rhubarb is undoubtedly at its best when part of a dessert, a warm crumble or cake, and this is exactly what we’re planning to do with this tart, brightly coloured vegetable. Toss your rhubarb with some brown sugar and ground ginger before topping it with your favourite crumple recipe (Donna Hay’s works well).


These knobbly-looking fruits have surprisingly sweet, creamy flesh, eaten scooped from the skin. Whilst they could be used in savoury dishes (let your imagination run wild), our sweet tooth is calling for these to be incorporated into a dessert – check out the ricotta and custard apple cheesecake.

Produce from Wiffens at Fyshwick Markets.

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