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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Make the switch website helping Canberra to zero emissions

The Conservation Council ACT Region has unveiled a new online tool to help Canberrans calculate the costs of switching from gas to renewable electricity.

The maketheswitch.org.au website will calculate the upfront and 10-year costs of installing electric appliances into your home, in comparison with your current gas bills.

Conservation Council ACT Region executive director Helen Oakey said if ACT is to reach its zero-emission target by 2045, residents need to stop burning gas.

“The Make the Switch website guides households about how to transition away from gas appliances, either when replacing an appliance such as a hot water system, or when building a new house.

“After entering your current gas appliances and gas bill information and selecting the electric appliances you would like to switch to, the web calculator will provide upfront costs and running costs of appliances over 10 years. This will help householders plan ahead and make informed decisions about what to replace first.

“Of course, once a household gets off gas completely, that’s one less annual connection fee they need to pay, saving over $300/year.

The website breaks down the switch from gas to electric into steps, allowing users to prioritise their appliances and choose their electric replacements.

It also provides tips to homeowners for energy-efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption while keeping your home cool.

Ms Oakey said the website would help to answer Canberrans’ questions around switching from gas to electric.

“People have lots of questions about switching away from gas, and about the electric alternatives – such as “is induction cooking as fast as gas?” and “can you get ducted electric heating?” – so there is a comprehensive Q and A section available on the site,” she said.

“Switching our homes to just using electricity is one of the most practical things Canberra households can do to help the planet and planning how the make the switch helps reduce upfront costs.

“Canberrans will benefit from a clear timeline about the gas transition under the ACT Climate Strategy, so that when an appliance breaks down, they know to replace it with an electric option, not an expensive gas appliance whose lifespan might be limited.”

The free resource was developed in collaboration with the ACT Government, through the Community Zero Grants package.

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