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Lucy Sugerman and Reverend Bones to play ANU

Two of Canberra’s foremost singer-songwriters, Lucy Sugerman and Reverend Bones, are playing a gig at Kambri later this month to mark the release of new singles from both performers.

For Sugerman, these performances will be some of her first interstate shows. The opportunity came about due to a sense of mutual admiration for one another’s music.

“The idea behind it was to introduce our quite different audiences to each other,” she said.

“We thought we could do some bigger venues because there’s two of us, and it’s also a lot more fun to share those experiences with someone.”

Sugerman said her pop stylings will contrast nicely with Bones’ gospel, soul, bluesy, alt-rock sound before the two artists perform a set together at the end of the show.

“Bones has had a bit more experience touring so it’ll be really good to see how it’s all done.

“Learning all the behind the scenes with promotion, liaising with venues and all that stuff has been really cool.

Lucy Sugerman
Sugerman said her pop stylings will contrast nicely with Reverend Bones’ gospel, soul, bluesy, alt-rock sound when the musicians perform at Kambri on Friday 30 April.

“He’s been a huge help and mentor with that as I release my first music.”

The gig stands to launch their Golden Planet mini tour, that will see the musicians hit the road with gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.

The title for the tour came from their new tracks – Sugerman’s golden boy and Bones’ Captain Planet.

Sugerman described her new single as a “fun, catchy pop song” she wrote a few years ago with two of her friends, Charlie and Hannah.

“We wrote it as a joke and I wasn’t sure if anyone would hear it, but I played it for some people and they liked it,” she said.

“It’s so much fun to play live, and it’s got a lot of fun, silly play on word lyrical moments … I’m quite proud of it, I’ve learned to love it.”

golden boy is the third single Sugerman has released from her upcoming debut EP due out later this year.

That record will constitute 19-year-old Sugerman’s first body of work on wax after a decade of writing and performing her own music.

“It’s just so exciting, it’ll be great to finally have a record of this period of my life finally out for people to hope and enjoy,” she said.

“It’s a nice moment to step back and go ‘hey, all this work you’ve put on is paying off in this moment’, and then it’ll be on to the next thing.

“I just write songs about my life. It’s wild to me that people do come to my shows and I think like the songs.”

Lucy Sugerman and Reverend Bones bring their Golden Planet Tour to Kambri, ANU, Friday 30 April 8pm; click here for tickets.

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