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Love your laundry

No longer just a space for a washer and dryer, there’s a growing trend for functional laundries that are a workroom for busy families. Here’s what it takes to start loving your laundry.

Machine matters

As an essential part of the Australian household, washing machines can be one of the most important yet hardest appliances to shop for. European white goods brand, Beko, offers its top tips to help make your selection easier.

Lifestyle: If you have a large family, opt for a washing machine that has a higher drum capacity. This indicates how much weight of the laundry load the machine can efficiently clean without excessive use of power or water. If energy efficiency is important to you, invest in a machine with a high Star Energy Rating. The ratings range from one to six, with six being the most efficient.

Front vs top loader: Generally front loaders cost more than top loaders but tend to use less water and energy. Due to a front loaders’ efficiency, loads tend to have a longer wash cycle to optimise water and energy use, and spin cycles are generally louder.

Customise your laundry storage with elfa storing board and accessories, prices vary; Howards Storage World.

Comparatively, top loaders have larger drum capacities and give you the bonus of being able to add clothes mid-wash. Top loaders tend to use more water and energy to run and can also be harsher on clothes due to the agitator in the centre of the drum which twists aggressively to remove dirt quickly.

Space: If you have a small laundry space, front loaders tend to be more compact. Washer-dryer combos are also a great option. Be sure to measure the space you have available before purchasing and to account for the space the piping will take up behind your machine.

Features: Consider what features you need to make your laundry task simpler and more efficient. Practical features and new technology can give you better results, more economical and quieter washing.

Fold down ironing board
Laundry hamper $39.95 Howards Storage World

Form and function

According to Bunnings national storage buyer Terri Grant, the laundry is an opportunity for people to maximise on storage space to suit their needs.

Current trends include built-in cabinetry and/or exposed shelving complemented with storage accessories to maximise space. Renting? No worries. Consider customisable and adaptable solutions that can be taken with you.

For a functional laundry space, try storage hampers. Lightweight and easy to move, or completely collapsible, you can pull them out as you require and hide them away when you need extra space.

Clever cubes, fabric inserts and standalone shelving will keep your laundry tidy and well organised

An over-door ironing board saves on storage space and is easily accessible.

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