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Local nutritionist Kate Freeman cuts through the ‘diet wankery’

Local nutritionist Kate Freeman, founder of Canberra’s Healthy Eating Clinic and the Healthy Eating Hub, says “diets are dead”.

She wants to help people cut through the vast amounts of food and diet information out there, and help people form healthy habits for life.

“How often have you had success with a diet, only to then crash and burn and end up in the

same place, or even worse?” she says.

Kate says she’s on a mission to “kick diets to the kerb”, by replacing “food stress with the confidence of healthy eating habits”.

She goes into the details in her daily nutrition podcast and YouTube series, The Daily Dollop.

“You can lose weight, have more energy and feel fitter and stronger without needing to follow an

unhealthy and unrealistic diet,” she says.

“While diets are focused on rules and limiting choice, healthy eating is all about developing a

deeper understanding of food to give you options and flexibility.”

Kate says wading through the “diet wankery” that’s out there can be a mammoth task that can end up hurting people who are trying to do the right thing for their bodies and lives.

“Developing healthy habits will give you the tools to manage social events, being away on

holidays and busy periods in your life, while continuing to eat in a healthy way,” she says.

The Daily Dollop podcast covers sustainable approaches to all the diet hot topics including

sugar and carbs, snacking, cravings, weight loss and meal planning.

“I’m here to teach realistic, scientifically-based and sustainable healthy eating habits that match

the foods you love and your individual lifestyle and goals.

“Healthy eating is a skill that can be mastered without the emotional manipulation from the diet industry.”

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