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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Local check-in app helps struggling hospitality industry

One local company, NCH Software, has come up with a way to simplify contact tracing requirements for the hospitality industry, and they are offering it for free.

The Canberra-based software company has developed a web application, called Brisk Table COVID Check-In, for hospitality businesses to gather and store customer contact details electronically.

NCH Software product manager Calum Johnston said he hoped the software, which went live on Monday morning, would take some stress off an already struggling industry.

“The software is aimed to make the record keeping process for contact tracing easier. We have the resources to do it and thought it would be something we could put out there for free for businesses to find it useful,” he said.

“I think the hospitality industry has so much else going on and if we can take one of the complexities out of that and make it easy for them to comply with new laws then it’s one less worry that they have.”

The software allows a business to choose what details they require from their customers, after which a form and QR code will be created for the business to use.

A QR code would enable customers to scan it with their phone and submit their details without using a communal device.

Mr Johnston said the software had already received significant interest both locally and nationally, as well as globally.

“I think the hygienic aspect of the QR code and contactless contact tracing will be really attractive to a lot of businesses,” he said.

“It also means that if there is an outbreak, the data is kept in a secure place.

“We already have feature requests coming and a lot of feedback from businesses who have signed up.”

The app is free for all businesses to sign up, and Mr Johnston said the software could continue to be used in other industries post-COVID.

“We are going to keep this app free for every business while we experience this pandemic,” he said.

“I think the same concept could be used for checking into a venue in other industries and we think this might be able to go on for events or concerts.”

For more information, or to sign up visit www.brisktable.com/contact-tracing-software.

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