Licence discounts for ACT P-platers who drive safely


ACT P-platers who drive safely will be offered a discount on the P2 stage of their driver’s licence, the ACT Government announced today in a bid to improve road safety for newer drivers.

Drivers will receive a 50% discount – $41 – on the P2 stage of their licence if they incur no demerit points, traffic infringement notices or court-imposed traffic penalties during the P1 stage.

As provisional licences are issued for the full three-year period, the discount will apply when drivers pay for their full licence.

“Creating good habits in young and new drivers will set them up for safe driving behaviours for the rest of their lives,” said Transport and City Services Minister, Chris Steel.

“Canberra’s provisional drivers are over-represented in road crashes – they make up over 10% of crashes despite being just 5% of licensed drivers.”

Drivers who progress through both the P1 and P2 stages without penalties will receive a further 30% discount on their full licence. The Government says that’s a saving of $60 for a five-year licence or $112 for 10 years.

“We want to encourage P-plate drivers to be sensible and law-abiding road users, building good habits early to make our roads safer for everyone,” said Mr Steel.

Changes to licensing for learner and provisional drivers in the ACT came into effect at the start of last year.

For ACT P-platers under 25, the P1 stage applies for 12 months and requires drivers to display red P-plates, while the second stage, P2, requires green P-plates and applies for two years.

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