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Monday, April 12, 2021

High-profile lawyer and accountant arrested in major organised crime investigation

Following a raid on a Canberra law firm today, a 54-year-old man and a 47-year-old man have been arrested for facilitating large quantities of cash and laundering the proceeds of crime.

ACT Policing allege the two men met on a number of occasions and discussed how legal contracts and agreements could be used to support a business purchase to facilitate the laundering of proceeds of crime.

Detective Superintendent Scott Moller said the arrest was part of an eight-month investigation into organised crime in the ACT and more arrests were expected.

He did not confirm nor rule out a specific link to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“It’s part of a broader strategy – we’ve been targeting organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs for two years and have halved their membership.”

Detective Superintendent Moller said this was connected to recent raids on tattoo parlours, houses, cars, an accountancy firm in Kingston, and a local grocery business in Queanbeyan.

Detective Superintendent Moller said this was a “fantastic” result for ACT Policing and the community because it meant the organised crime landscape was continuing to evolve.

“Criminal activity is becoming increasingly obscure through new technology and sophisticated methods,” he said.

“As ACT Policing looks to follow the money from organised crime, we must also follow the professional facilitators.

“Because some organised crime groups lack the necessary skills and access to carry out their crimes, so they seek professor facilitators to arrange this for them.”

Detective Superintendent Moller said this was the second stage in their investigation into organised crime.

“Organised crime permeates through our community and we’re not going to let that happen,” he said.

“Investigation involves professional members of our community,

“This was an intensive investigation, and we have multiple teams dedicated to it.”

The detective said limiting access to professional facilitators was one way to limit the activity of organised crime.

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