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Tuesday, May 18, 2021
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Labor promises nation’s biggest battery storage system

ACT Labor has promised to build the biggest renewable battery storage in system in Australia at a cost of $100 million over five years, if re-elected in October.

ACT Labor leader Andrew Barr said the Big Canberra Battery would deliver at least 250MW of battery storage. He said the project would be “significantly bigger” than the Hornsdale Battery in South Australia, which has been upgraded to 150MW.

“The global battery storage market is predicted to be worth $400 billion by 2030 and the ACT is an ideal launching pad for national and international businesses wanting to get a head start in this exciting emerging industry,” Mr Barr said.

“Through our sustainable and resilient household scheme, which will see more Canberra households fit solar panels to their roofs, we will be generating a significant amount of renewable energy in this city.

“We want to store that energy and provide it back into the grid when Canberra households and businesses need it.”

According to ACT Labor, the system would see batteries around the city, which when combined as a network would address network constraints, enable more households to have solar power and shorten the pay-off period for domestic solar systems.

Mr Barr said battery storage is the key next step to “protect the ACT when fossil fuel generators fail during hot summers”.

“ACT Labor recognises that low-cost energy storage is the missing-link in the transition to a 100% renewable National Electricity Market,” he said.

“We will establish an expert team to lead procurement, determine suitable sites and ensure the new batteries provide the greatest economic and environmental benefits.

“This will include working with local communities on locations across the city, including co-locations near local solar farms, proximity to the transmission network, and ACT Government sites such as the planned zero-emissions bus depot.”

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